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Not last, but only just... [Sep. 30th, 2016|03:12 pm]


What handles do you go by, and where are we most likely to find you? Mermaid on AO3, @mermaidnz on Twitter, Meredith in real life.

Are you a reader, a writer, an artist, a vidder, a gamer, a lurker, all of the above, or something else entirely? Mostly a lurker now, but I still read some and I (try to) write.

Wax lyrical about your current fandoms and OTPs: I'm back in hockey fandom in the non-RPF sense (and now cheering against the Blackhawks), and I also enjoy watching gymnastics. Otherwise, Leverage and its OT3 forever!

Reminisce with one perfect crystal emo tear for the ship that sank or the fandom that finally faded away: What happened with Root/Shaw was... less satisfying than I had hoped, as was the final season of Person of Interest overall.

Any squicks or kinks (be clear which is which, *g*): Squicks: eye trauma, A/B/O, relationships with a huge power differential.
Kinks: friends => lovers, pining, D/s, secret powers, and happy endings.

Fannish highlight of your year: the entire saga of Chuck Tingle being nominated for a Hugo award was a delight.

Favourite new show/movie/comic/book/source text since last year: No new media fandoms, really, though I've been enjoying The Expanse (new ~SyFy~ series).

Favourite AO3/tumblr/twitter tag: 'Nonnies Made Me Do It' on AO3, #nailpolishfandom and #dogefandom on Twitter.

Where do you do the bulk of your fannish interaction? Is there a hotbed of awesome out there that someone might be missing out on? Any specific comms or tumblrs or rec sites or tags we should be following? Twitter and FFA

Are you taking part in Yuletide or Festivids this year? Are there any other fantastic exchanges we should all know about? Nope

Any thoughts/comments/memories you’d like to add to last year’s anniversary reminiscences? Nope

Tea, Coffee, Homogenised Milk, Calci Trim? Coffee and Calci Trim

Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Lemonade, Juice? Juice

Crudités or Junk? Crudités

Sour cream dips or hummus? Hummus

Favourite chip flavour: Sour cream & chives