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Venues [Sep. 28th, 2016|08:55 pm]


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A couple of changes this year, to match the changes to the timetable. We'll be seeking feedback as to how these compare to previous staples, and revising accordingly next year. Thanks for your cooperation and enthusiasm as we try new things!

1) The main venue remains unchanged, though operational hours are different:

Seatoun Village Hall: 10am – 8pm Saturday, 10am – 2pm Sunday
22 Forres Street, Seatoun

Previously known as the Saint Christopher's Parish Hall, but still the same place. The church (yellow stickered) is on the corner of Forres and Ventnor Streets, the hall is next door. There's plenty of parking in the street outside for anyone driving. Anyone getting the bus from town should get the Seatoun 11, and get out at the Dundas Street shops.

2) We're officially having lunch rather than brunch on Friday, though in practice it will still involve me having first and second breakfast as successive waves of people drift in from the airport/elsewhere. We're trying somewhere new:

Basque: 12 noon Friday
8 Courtenay Place, Wellington

After our discovery of what a fantastic Build a Brunch menu Basque does during our #fataugust shenanigans, there was a unanimous call to hold g/t brunch here. They open at noon, which should give everyone coming from morning flights time to get into town. Almost any bus from Kilbirnie will get you to Courtenay Place, and we'll be lingering quite a while over our giant platters.

3) I think we met for cocktails for the first time last year, and that seemed to go pretty well, so we're doing that again:

Library Bar: 4pm Friday
53 Courtenay Place, Wellington (upstairs)

Join us for after work/after flight/pre dinner cocktails. meelie and I will be heading down early, but drift in as and when you prefer. We'll head out again about 6.30.

4) We toyed, as we sometimes do, with a change here, but a chorus shouted TRADITION and I could not defy them:

Oaks Noodle House: 7pm Friday
71 Cuba Street, Wellington (upstairs)

From the sublime to the ridiculous, our "cheap and cheerful" mainstay of twelve years' counting. The ambiance is terrible but the food is good, lightning fast, and they happily put up with the racket of fifteen to twenty fangirls who haven't seen each other in months.

4a) Depending on energy levels (mine have been known to flag of late):

Olive: 8.30pm Friday
170 Cuba Street, Wellington

TBC, but night owls/late arrivals have been known to go on for dessert and more drinks after dinner. Play this one by ear!

5) The major change this year; since we'll be finishing early on Sunday, we're going to go for drinks, snacks, and more conversation before dinner:

The Cutting Café and Bar/Long Thai Restaurant: 3pm Sunday
32 Miramar Avenue, Miramar (bar downstairs, restaurant upstairs)

This amusing hybrid establishment hides a great Thai restaurant above a somewhat rustic bar. We'll hang out downstairs for a while, then venture on upstairs for dinner. Join us for either or both.

6) And finally, a farewell brunch for those still in town and/or avoiding work:

Fidel's: 11am Monday
234 Cuba Street, Wellington

We'll malinger here as always, but remember to wear a jumper, it can be windy outside!